Fight Cold and Flu Season Naturally With Tea

Cold and flu season is upon us again. Accuweather reports that the deadly flu outbreak that has reached all 50 states may be linked to this the recent cold, dry air that has infiltrated much of the United States. If you’d prefer to naturally fight cold and flu season, you should add teas and herbal tisanes to your everyday routine.

As many of us know, over-the-counter remedies only suppress symptoms; they don’t cure the illness or make you better more quickly. In fact, suppressing symptoms can impair your body’s natural ability to fend off disease. Additionally, the common cold and influenza cannot be treated with antibiotics. Herbal treatments can help your body heal itself naturally and boost immunity.

At A New Leaf, we believe that the Ben Franklin adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” couldn’t be more appropriate. Herbal tisanes, as well as black, green, and white teas can help protect and heal you this cold and flu season.

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