A NEW LEAF tea emporium offers over 60 varieties of fine black, oolong, and green loose-leaf teas as well as rooibos, fruit and herb infusions, pastries, and accessories for the tea connoisseur and tea novice alike. Unlike any other tea house, we pride ourselves on our tea knowledge and are the perfect place to experience everything that fine tea has to offer.

Our knowledge of and passion for tea sets A NEW LEAF apart from its large chain competitors. As interest in fine, loose tea continues to grow in the United States, a number of companies have entered the market.

Unfortunately, some of these companies believe that tea needs to be redefined to be successfully marketed in the United States. Too often the result has been an over-reliance on fancy packaging of teas that have been given exotic sounding names just so that they could be sold by these large corporations with little tea knowledge.

Not sure which tea is right for you? Are you a die-hard coffee drinker looking to branch out or switch to the world of tea?

Our knowledgeable staff can help recommend teas based on your tastes. Additionally, A NEW LEAF will provide tea tastings and blending sessions to further refine your palette while our private parties and favors are sure to make your special event more memorable.

Our suppliers are certified organic and/or members of the Ethical Tea Partnership, the Tea Association of the USA and Specialty Tea Institute, and have won awards at the World Tea Expo.


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