Hello from Croatia

While the heat is on back home in New York,  A New Leaf is in the wonderful hands of our staff.  We are on the Adriatic coast of Croatia visiting family and getting some rest and relaxation.

1014407_10201738019919083_1758831216_nThere’s no rest from tea! Vinisce is a tiny village not too far from Split, a beautiful city with a rich history. We took a trip into Split for a quick visit for tea. Kuča Čaja (translated to “tea house”) is a very quaint shop in the city center. I briefly spoke to the owner and was able to get some great King Pu-erh (dark tea) and a white blend of Silver Needle and Mao Feng, called White Dragon. We talked about how tea took some time to catch on in Croatia, and how they are getting the word out about the health benefits of tea. I’ll be headed back there early next week — look for an interview that I’ll publish here.

camomileBack to Vinisce. My husband’s teta (aunt) grows and dries her own camomile. Teta Franka was quite happy to send me home with some dried flowers, which I’m told to scatter the seeds in March to seed for early summer bloom. I’m very excited about that. Camomile is great for calming an upset stomach, promoting restful sleep, and relieving anxiety. It has sedative properties, so a small amount should be taken for anxiety, and larger amounts help promote sleep. Camomile has also been shown to relax muscles. Hence, camomile tea is often consumed to relieve abdominal and menstrual cramps. Pregnant women should avoid camomile as it can cause uterine contractions that potentially could result in a miscarriage.

21397_10201778298286017_2017147399_nOn our evening walk about town, lavender grows wild, poking through stone walls of the locals’ homes. What a pleasant aroma. Lavender is a great tea component, found in our Provence blend at A New Leaf. Lavender can also be steeped alone and is good for stress relief, headaches and insomnia.

Check back next week for more updates from Croatia.


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